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South Fire District, Middletown, CT

Firefighters Aid Mayor in Bringing Heat Relief
August 7, 2007

Local youths take advantage of the cooling spray from a fire hydrant.   (click photo to enlarge)

Mayor Sebastian Guiliano has authorized the use of fire hydrants to bring relief during this most recent heat wave to neighborhood children. The Mayor has called on the fire departments to coordinate the opening and closing of the hydrants. South District Firefighters have answered the Mayor's call for help with this program and is opening hydrants on days over 90 degrees at Maplewood Terrace, Julia Terrace, and in the Summer Hill Apartment complex. As visible in the pictures to the right, this program has been well received by the kids.

The City's Health Department advises people to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids and, if possible, to stay inside in air conditioning. If residents experience severe headache, nausea, fatigue, profuse sweating or lack of coordination after being exposed to the heat, they are urged to contact a doctor; those may be signs of heat-related illness.