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South Fire District, Middletown, CT

New Fuel Storage Vault
Replaces Older At-Risk Tanks
July 25, 2007

SFD's New Diesel Fuel Storage Vault
(click photo to enlarge)
The photo at right shows the District's new fuel storage vault. Previously, the department had two storage tanks for gas and diesel fuels. The in-ground tank stored our gasoline and the above-ground tank stored our diesel fuel. We removed both tanks because the above-ground tank was rusting out, and the in-ground tank was past its life expectancy. Both tanks put the District at risk of a significant environment problem should they have had a leak. Fortunately, the tanks were replaced before any environmental problems occurred.

We will now store our diesel fuel in the concrete vault shown in the photo. This fuel is used for our apparatus and station generator. Our vehicles that use gasoline will be fueled via the District's fleet charging system through local gas stations. By using the fleet charging system, we eliminate on-site storage and reduce our costs as there are no delivery charges tacked on to the fuel price. This method also ensures that we have fresh gasoline in our vehicles at all times.