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South Fire District, Middletown, CT

News Release

South Fire to Aid the City with Fireworks Display

Update: Middletown's fireworks display postponed until July 8th.
On Friday June 16, all emergency services that will be participating in the July 4th activities in Middletown met to finalize plans for public safety and emergency response during the fireworks display in Middletown. With the large number of people expected each year for the fireworks display, it is imperative that our responders plan for and be prepared for the public's safety. All of the potential incidents that could happen at such a gathering of this size must be thought out ahead of time and the necessary response planned for. "We want people to come to Middletown and enjoy the program but we also must be prepared for an all hazards response to the public should the need arise. Public safety is priority number one." said Mayor Sebastian Giuliano.

The meeting was called by Gene Thazhampallath, Administrative Aid to Mayor Giuliano and the Mayors liaison to the Parks and Recreation in Middletown. Present at the meeting were department representatives from the Middletown Parks and Recreation, Police, Fire, Central Communications, Emergency Management and Health Departments. Also in attendance were representatives from the other agencies providing assistance to the city during the event which included CVH Fire, South Fire District, Westfield Fire, Portland Fire and Police, Cromwell PD, Hunters Ambulance, US Coast Guard and CT Department of Environmental Protection.

All responses for the event will be managed through a Unified Command System following the National Response System and National Incident Management System models. "The July 4th event is a great opportunity for our city departments with our local and state agency partners, to have a chance to test and operate under a unified response system" said Gene Thazhampallath during the meeting. Chief Gary Ouellette was designated as the Unified Command Coordinator. Five operational branches were identified during the meeting. The Marine Operations Branch, led by Deputy Chief Robert Kronenberger of the Middletown Fire Department, the Law Enforcement Branch led by Middletown PD, of the Middletown Police Department, the fireworks Operations and Logistics Branch led by John Milardo of the Middletown Parks Department, the Fire Response Operations Branch led by Middletown Fire Department and the Health and Medical Operations Branch led by Hunters Ambulance Service.

Working under the unified response as planned for the July 4th events allows for all agencies involved to have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities during the event allowing for a better prepared and managed response. For South Fire District, will be assisting with our marine unit on the river as well as and EMS unit in the area of Eastern Drive. Chief Ross will be assisting the Unified Command Center with Public Information and Deputy Chief Badamo will be assisting the Command Center with Fire Operations during the event.